Summer Blogger Promo Tour: It’s A Wrap!

Summer Blogger



The Summer Blogger Promo Tour hosted by the lovely ladies at The Book Bratz has sadly come to an end. We met wonderful, amazing, and lovely book bloggers who are as passionate about books as we are.


A quick recap:


July 6th: We had the fab Stefani from CAUGHT READ HANDED (looove the blog name!) stop by to chat about the book/s that got her reading. Can you guess what they were? Yep, the Harry Potter series! Awesome pick, yes? We’re big HP fans here in the YA Club.

HPSS - The YA Club
Who doesn’t love Harry Potter?!

Check out Stefani’s blog >>>

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You can also find her on Twitter: @StefaniSloma


July 13th: We interviewed Jennifer Morgan of INK ON THE SHELF and you all should follow her because she has a quirky, clear and efficient rating process (I always want to know the scale), the occasional use of 3rd person (always acceptable), and pretty much the best slogan  “BECAUSE BOOKS ARE BETTER THAN ANYTHING EVER”. You don’t want to miss her blog.



Click to visit her blog!


Follow her on twitter

July 20th: Mily of THE YA’S NIGHTSTAND loves chocolate, the Divergent series, and the color green! Oh, I meant “colour” because she’s English! (we love her, yes) And, oh, her name’s pronounced Mil-ee, which is totally adorable.

Follow her on Twitter: @TheYANightstand

Check out Mily’s blog >>>


The YA's Nightstand



July 27th: We asked SJ Bouquet for a list of her favorite books. It’s a great list, people! We’re talking Jane Austen and Calvin and Hobbes and hey, Harry Potter, to mention a few. So you know, there’s that saying, You can tell what a person’s like by the books they read? Wait, what? That’s not a real saying? Yeahhhh, I just made it up, hahah! *busted* But seriously, SJ is fabulous so follow her on Tumblr.

And check out her blog >>>

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August 3rd: Jessica and Amber of THE BOOK BRATZ stopped by for a Q&A. Jessica’s favorite character is Alaska Young from John Green’s LOOKING FOR ALASKA because “she is so hilarious and her own person”. Amber’s pet peeve is when people dog-ear book pages (yeah, we don’t like that, either). These ladies are responsible for making the Summer Blogger Promo Tour happen, so let’s give them some props, eh?

You can find them on Twitter: @thebookbratz

Check out these awesome ladies’ blog >>>

Click to visit their blog!


August 10th: Dana from DANA SQUARE told us what her favorite part of being a book blogger was. This book-obsessed 17-year-old girl loves books, movies, TV shows, and makeup! We simply adore her. Follow her on Twitter: @danasquare.

And check out her pretty pink blog >>>

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August 17th: Andrew of ENDLESSLY READING introduced us to BookTubing. No, there are no actual tubes involved. But there are BOOKS! He also gave us his favorite books per genre, and I think the Divergent series got mentioned twice. Because duh–Andrew’s twitter handle is @heyiamdivergent.

This is the book he couldn’t live without… :)


Check out Andrew’s blog >>>

Click to visit his blog!


August 24th: Ana from ANA LOVES presented the winners for the Bookish Academy Awards (this should be a real thing, yes?). From Best Actor (Best Male Protagonist) to Best Picture (Best Stand-Alone), this is an awards show you don’t want to miss. So go check it out and see her picks.

You can find Ana on Twitter: @just_ana_love and her blog >>>

Click to visit her blog!


That’s it, folks! Please check out these bloggers and make sure to follow them for some book love and general fun. We’d like to thank all of them for taking the time to stop by our blog and lighting up our Sunday Spotlights. And we’d especially like to thank Jessica and Amber for hosting this tour and for letting us join in on the fun. Thank you, lovely ladies!

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