Kenley Conrad

The Beauty Queen

SONY DSCNAME: Kenley Conrad
ALSO ANSWERS TO: Cat lady extraordinaire
THEME SONG:¬† The Overture to “The Phantom of the Opera”
EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Binge watching shows on Netflix,¬†petting other people’s dogs, and the occasional musical theatre performance.
FAVORITE FOOD: Anything with fake, synthetic cheese like that Velveeta stuff. It is heaven.
BEVERAGE OF CHOICE: DIET COKE. If I ever slip into a coma give me a Diet Coke IV.
WHAT SHE WRITES: I like writing funny books about unusual and diverse heroines. I also love writing about “hot button” topics in an accessible way that opens up conversation.
WHAT SHE READS: Literally everything. I’m currently reading “Funny Girl” by Nick Hornby, but last week I devoured all of the Paper Magician series. As long as you can hook me in the first chapter, I’m in.


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