L.S. Murphy

The Basket Case

Profile PicName: L.S. Murphy

Also answers to: L. or Ellis or… Nope, not telling you my name… HEY YOU works too.

Theme Song: Basket Case by Green Day

Extra-Curricular Activities: Softball, Basketball, Track (4 years All State, thank you very much), Marching Band, Jazz Band, Concert Band, Business Club… Anything that would keep me from getting bored.

G.P.A. : Um…. In high school? I don’t want to say. In college? 3.8 (From the 3rd school…)

Favorite Food: Tortilla Chips and salsa

Beverage of choice: Coffee… mmmmmm coffee.

What she writes: Mostly young adult although I’ve been known to write romance. I also dip my toe into horror and fantasy when the mood hits.

What she reads: Anything from Picture books to Poetry, young adult romance to horror.

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