Precy Larkins

The Artist


PrecyName: Precy Larkins
Also Answers To: Actually, let’s do it this way. I don’t answer to PERCY or PRISSY or PRESTON. (It’s Preh-see, if you must know) I’ve been called Sparkles and Sparkle-pants (don’t ask), and I’ve also gone by Cherie, which is my childhood nickname. But most of the time, I answer to MOM, except when I’m hiding in the bathroom for “me” time, in which case I don’t answer at all.

Theme Song: Beautiful Day by U2

Extra-Curricular Activities: Art Club, school paper (Layout Editor in HS; Editor-in-Chief in Elementary), The Filipino Club (in college), Dance Troupe, and reading books, of course.

GPA: HS? Don’t remember. College? 3.9

Favorite Food: Pretty much anything that I cook. I love food. (But I have a weak spot for anything salted caramel. Keep that in mind in case you need to bribe me in the future).

Beverage of Choice: Hot cocoa on wintry nights, piƱa coladas on hot days

What She Writes: Young Adult Fantasy, Paranormal, and Speculative Fiction in contemporary settings. I’d like to try Horror sometime in the future, when I’m brave enough to write alone late at night.

What She Reads: Mostly Young Adult and MG, though I like Adult Fiction as long as it has a fantastical bent. I also read Non-Fiction to cleanse my reading palate every now and then.

Twitter: @precylarkins

Goodreads: Precy Larkins