A.N. Jackson

The Athlete

IMG_9361Name: A.N. Jackson

Also answers to: Andrea, hey you, and when it’s repeated 30 times in rapid succession; mom.

Extra-Curricular Activities: Sports. I played sports of all sorts.

G.P.A.: Pass. I don’t want to blind you with my brilliance. *cough chokes* Let’s move on.

Favorite Food: Chocolate, chocolate, and when I’m in the mood for something different, chocolate.

Beverage of choice: Water. I know lame. But I’m a runner, so water.

What she writes: I write both YA and NA. My NA is contemporary and uplifting. My YA leans towards sci-fi/fantasy thrillers, with violence –– way more violence. I guess I like to let the young ones burn. This sounds morbid, but it’s true.

What she reads: “What? You’ve written something?” *grabby hands*

Theme song: The Final Countdown – Europe. It makes me happy.