Robin Hall

The Overachiever


cache_2429262610Name: Robin Hall

Also Answers to: Robear and Mom, Mom, Mo-om, I need you

Theme Song: (In HS) I’m Just a Girl by No Doubt


Extracurricular Activities: Too many. Volleyball, Basketball, Cross-County, Softball, (one embarrassing season of swimming), Latin Club, Orchestra, National Honors Society, Crosby Scholars, Science Academic Team…let’s just say everything and move on.


GPA: Graduated 10th in my HS class, but I can’t remember my GPA. In college I had a 3.91


Favorite Food: Anything with caramel. If it’s not candy, soft peaches and hot bread (not necessarily together)


Beverage of choice: Water, always water


What she writes: YA and MG with bits of magic and plenty of fun


What she reads: Too much! YA fantasy and contemporary are my favorites, but MG has my heart, some adult books I tear through (anything by Jodi Picoult, for instance) but mostly I stay in the “kid” section. I typically have one nonfiction going, usually a hobby or yoga book.


Twitter: @robinhallwrites

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